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Click to watch Video of the Codington Halloween Parade!

101 Mobility at Codington Elementary

101 Mobility creates wheelchair adaptive costumes for Mrs. Bishop's SDA-DL Class at Codington Elementary!

With the help of Gloria Garton, Executive Director of Wilmington's Local Disability Resource Center, 101 Mobility was given the opportunity to bring a smile to the faces of some very awesome children.The children in Mrs. Bishop's SDA-DL (Specially Designed Academics-Daily Living) class have various developmental delays, medical conditions and physical disabilities, and are non-verbal, but the expression on their faces spoke to everyone as they got suited up for the Fall parade at Codington Elementary. The parade included Snow White in a Shimmery Carriage, a Diva Pop Star in a blazing pink limo, Mario in his red cart (huge mustache included), the bravest Fire Fighter in town—styling in his red "Ladder 101" Firetruck, and two sparkly Fairy Princesses.

101 Mobility at Codington Elementary 101 Mobility at Codington Elementary

When our team initially met with the class to talk about their costumes, the children reacted with huge smiles and shrieks of excitement. Mrs. Bishop held up a collage of Halloween costumes for the children to choose from, and five year old Jordan could not take his eyes off the photo of the Disc Jockey. And "DJ Jazzy Jordan" was born.

Our Marketing Director, Joel Brenner, describes meeting the class,

“It was a humbling and exciting experience – the kids became attached to us very quickly. I’m glowing with pride to be a part of something so great.”

Each costume was designed and detailed to specifically meet the needs of the child and their mobility device. After the parade, our costume fitters, Ben & Joseph personally delivered all the costumes to the children's homes.

Codington Elementary Principal, Budd Dingwall hopes that "publicizing this parade will bring empathy and understanding to the challenges that these amazingly courageous students face on a daily basis."

101 Mobility at Codington Elementary
101 Mobility at Codington Elementary 101 Mobility at Codington Elementary
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